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Event Entries/Refunds

Event entries
All event entries purchased through this website are processed electronically. No physical delivery will be made, you will receive a confirmation email of your order to the email address that you registered with. This email should arrive within a few minutes of your transaction but may take longer.

All transactions are processed via our payment gateway partner, RaceResult, and all receipts and transaction statements on your bank account or credit card will show their identity alongside the payment.
Your payment for the event entry is passed to the event organiser and your contract is directly with them, not Chip Timing Solutions Ltd. If you have queries about the registration part of the process you should use our chris@chiptimingsolutions.com email address to send us your questions. Please include your Order ID and any other relevant information in this email as this will enable us to start the process of helping you much quicker.

Once the event organiser has picked up your entry details they will contact you with further information regarding the event such as registration details, race day schedule and so on. Any queries about the event itself should be directed to the event organiser, we cannot and will not answer questions relating to a third party event.

Transaction fees
All credit and debit card payments made through our payment gateways are subject to a processing fee – this is just part of the normal transaction process when you use a credit card to pay for something online. The fee you will be charged for the transaction depends on the type of card that you use(i.e. paypal, debit, credit). Transaction fees wil generally be lower for a debit card than for a credit card and different types of credit card may be more expensive to use than others.

Change of personal details
Using the link send out in your booking confirmation email  you can review all of the information we hold in our database for you.

Event entry refunds
Depending on the event organiser’s policy, race entry fees may be non-refundable so please check your race entry information comprehensively prior to entering a race. Where permitted, all event refunds are carried out by the organiser. Chip Timing Solutions Ltd has no access to the funds collected on behalf of the organiser and no mechanism to refund you.

Under some circumstances it may be possible to transfer fees to other races organised by the same company. In order to make such transfers we need to have authorisation from the organiser before we can continue so please use the chris@chiptimingsolutions.com email address to let us know the details of the event you have entered and the event you wish to transfer to and we will pass that on to the organiser.